Online Term Eligibility

  • Age at Entry (Years): 18 years 55 years
  • Age at Maturity (Years): 28 years 75 years
  • Policy Term (Years): 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 35
  • Premium Payment Term (Years): Equal to policy term
  • Sum Assured (R): 25,00,000 No limit
  • Premium (R): 3,500 No limit
  • Premium Payment mode: Annual

Online Term Benefits

  • Death Benefit :
    In the unfortunate event of demise of the Life Assured during the policy term and provided the policy is in force as on date of death, the nominee will receive the maximum of:
    • Sum Assured; or
    • 10 times Annualised Premium; or
    • 105% of the premiums paid as on date of death, excluding underwriting extra
    • premiums, if any
    • The policy will be terminated once the death benefit is paid.
  • Maturity Benefit :
    • No Maturity Benefit is payable under this plan.

Online Term Features

  • Flexibility to decide protection cover based on your needs
  • Complete financial protection at an affordable cost
  • Rewards for healthy life style through lower premiums
  • Simple & hassle free application process
  • Income tax benefits as per applicable tax laws
  • Simplified medical examination process* - Arrangement of medical examination process as per preferred day and time opted by the Life Assured is done by a medical practitioner / representative at Life Assured’s doorstep (wherever applicable). These medical test expenses are borne by the Company at inception of the policy.

Online Term Claim Process

How to claim?

In the event of an incident giving rise to a claim under the policy, the following steps should be taken, 

  • In case of accidental damage to the vehicle:
    • Immediate intimation to the nearest office, which will issue a Claim Form.
    • Claim Form duly filled in to be submitted along with copy of Registration Certificate and driving license of the driver of the vehicle at the time of accident as also estimate of repairs.
    • Vehicle will be surveyed by a Surveyor, appointed by the insurance company, who shall submit his report to the company. In case of a major damage to the vehicle, a spot survey, at the site of accident, would also be arranged by the company.
    • Final bills/cash memos are to be submitted duly signed by the insured.
    • Salvage of the damaged parts may be required to be deposited with the insurance company after approval of the claim.
  • In case of theft of the vehicle:
    • Lodge an F.I.R. with the police immediately.
    • Inform the policy issuing office with a copy of FIR.
    • Submit the Final Police Report as soon as it is received.
    • Extend full cooperation to the surveyor and/or investigator appointed by the company.
    • After approval of the claim by the company, get the Registration Certificate transferred in the name of the company, hand over the keys of the vehicle, submit a letter of Subrogation and Indemnity on stamp paper duly notarized.
  • In case of liability claim:
    • Inform insurance company immediately of any incident likely to give rise to liability claim.
    • On receipt of summons from Court, the same should be sent to the company immediately.
    • Claim Form duly filled in along-with copies of Registration Certificate, Diving License, FIR are to be submitted.

Online Term Exclusions

  • If the Life Assured, whether sane or insane, commits suicide within 12 months from the date of commencement or revival of the policy, your nominee or beneficiary will receive 80% of the premiums paid till the date of death, excluding taxes and underwriting extra premiums, if any, provided the policy is in force and we will not pay any insured benefit.