In today's fast paced world and stressed life, illnesses can strike anyone and any time. Any unexpected illness can cost you and disturb your financial plan completely. Hence, it has become imperative to have mediclaim insurance for everyone. This not only ensure that you remain in sound health as you can avail quality treatment, but also it helps to maintain your financial health as you don't need to compromise with your budget. So, it is very important for everyone to buy a good comprehensive mediclaim insurance plan that covers all your health related expenses.

Individual Mediclaim Insurance Plan

It is very important for all individuals to have mediclaim insurance policy. Life is very uncertain and any disease can strike anyone at any time. To meet the accelerating cost of health care, mediclaim insurance is the only solution.
An Individual mediclaim insurance plan covers an individual against various illnesses. Insurer pays all the expenses for treatment of the insured, subject to terms and conditions specified in the policy document. If your unmarried then it is better that you buy individual mediclaim insurance policy. mediclaim insurance policies have provision to add new family members at a later stage.

Family Mediclaim Insurance Plan

The best way to keep your family safe from any financial burden arising out of hospitalisation and illnesses is to buy a family floater mediclaim insurance plan. These plans cover entire family under single policy and there is no individual limit for each member covered. In other words, the sum insured can be used by any member of the family and for any number of times.
If you are married, then it is best that you buy a family floater policy that will cover you, your spouse and your children. If any member of the family falls ill, the coverage upto sum insured is available while other healthy members are also covered.

Senior Citizen Insurance Plan

Old age comes with several ailments which are expensive to treat and regular income tends to decline due to retirement, to tackle this insurance companies offer mediclaim insurance policies especially for senior citizens. These policies can be bought by anyone above 60 years of age.
These mediclaim insurance policies cover any kind of medical expenses incurred by policyholders. Senior citizen mediclaim insurance policies offer various features such as cashless hospitilisation, critical illness coverage, daycare expenses, ambulance charges, pre-existing diseases coverage, pre-hospitilisation and post-hospitilisation expenses, among others. You can also avail tax benefit on premium paid for senior citizen mediclaim insurance policy under section 80DDB of Income Tax Act.

Diabetes Insurance Plan

India is known as the diabetes capital of the world. But it is very difficult for a diabetic to get a mediclaim insurance policy. Hence, now insurance companies have started offering health insurance policies especially for diabetics. It can be bought even by persons already having diabetes. While premium for such policies are generally higher than regular mediclaim insurance policies, they can be reduced with controlled diet and regular exercise.
You can buy diabetes insurance plan as individual as well as family plan, but you can only add your spouse with you in family plan.

Important Features of Mediclaim Insurance

Tax benefit

You can avail tax benefit on premium amount paid for mediclaim insurance under section 80D of Income Tax Act.

Pre-existing diseases

Disclosure of any disease that you have or has undergone a treatment for at the time of buying a mediclaim insurance.


As per this feature, you need to pay certain percentage of the bill from your own pocket and rest is paid by your insurer.

No Claim Bonus

No-claim bonus (NCB) is provided at the time of renewal, if you haven't made any claims during your policy period. It is either a sum assured or a premium discount.

Network hospitals

Cashless facility can only be availed if you take treatment in any of the hospitals given in the list of hospitals by your insurer. Such hospitals are known as Network hospitals.

Limits and sub-limits

Mediclaim insurance policies come with limits and sub-limits for specific treatment or diseases which should be checked thoroughly before making any purchase.