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What is a Personal accident policy? Is it of any use to the common man?

On June 16, 2016

As per a recent report, Indian roads were responsible for 1.46 lakh deaths in the year 2015. This translates to a massive 400 deaths a day and is being dubbed as ‘Daily massacre’ by the media. These figures are just a reflection of the vulnerability of the Indian citizens to…

Secure Your Family’s Future Financially With Insurance

On July 25, 2015

Insurance forms a core of every financial plan as it is the best way to ensure your family financially in future. Different types of insurance plans cater to different needs of one’s life. Hence, you need to have insurance portfolio so that your family’s future is secured financially. Insurance not…

5 Lesser Known Facts About Life Insurance

On July 25, 2015

Life is uncertain so anything can happen anytime, hence, it is essential to prepare yourself for any eventuality. In such uncertain times it is important to provide your dependents with financial security if anything happens to you. For this life insurance is the best way to provide financial security to…

Benefits Of Children Health Insurance Plans

On July 25, 2015

In today’s time, health insurance has become almost a necessity even for children, as children can also develop health issues. And ever soaring medical cost makes it a compulsion to have a health insurance for every member of the family. However, when it comes to buying health insurance for children,…

What To Know Before Traveling With Heart Condition

On July 25, 2015

You are planning a foreign trip whether it for leisure or business, it is imperative to have a travel insurance plan that can ensure peace of mind. And it is even more important for people having heart conditions as you are in unknown land. A comprehensive travel insurance policy covers…

Effective Way To Get Cheapest And Best Car Insurance Policy

On July 24, 2015

If you own a car then it is mandatory by law to have a car insurance policy. Having motor insurance is important not just because it is mandatory by law for all vehicles plying on road but it also protects you from personal liability in case of an accident. There…

Secret For Leading A Happy Life

On July 15, 2015

The secret of leading a happy life is that it should be without stress. And one of the main causes of stress is worries of unforeseen events that can impact your family and put them in a financial crisis. To live a stress free and happy life you can build…

Basic Criterions To Choose Term Insurance Plan

On July 14, 2015

Term insurance is the best form of insurance as it gives a very high coverage at a low price. The premium of a term insurance plan is a fraction of what you have to pay for buying an endowment, moneyback or unit-linked insurance plan (ULIP) with the same coverage. This…

Decoding Annuities

On July 10, 2015

When one is approaching his retirement, he starts thinking how to get a regular income for rest of his life. One way for getting a regular income for rest of your life could be an annuity plan. And for New Pension Scheme (NPS) investors it is mandatory to buy annuity….

Do You Need Personal Accident Cover?

On July 9, 2015

Globally, India tops the number of road accidents and deaths due to these accidents. Hence, along with life insurance and health insurance is equally important to have a personal accident cover, as life is very uncertain and accident can happen anytime. An unexpected accident can be fatal or lead to…

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